5 Gorgeous Celebrity-Inspired Holiday Hairstyles

5 Gorgeous Celebrity-Inspired Holiday Hairstyles

With the holidays around the corner, you may be wondering how you’re going to manage to find a hairstyle that’s both Instagram-worthy and easy to do. Keep calm and read on while we take you through five gorgeous hairstyles that’ll help you step out of your comfort zone and keep people talking enviously long after the holidays are over.


Jennifer Lawrence’s Side-Swept Faux Bangs


“The Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence has been a hairstyle chameleon since she debuted in a minor TV role in 2006. Fans have seen her hair straight blonde with fringes, in a half-up-half-down style, as a brunette with her signature Katniss braid, in a tousled bob, and with a classic pixie cut. But perhaps her most versatile and impressive style that works perfectly for the holiday season is the faux bangs variety that makes onlookers wonder if she has a new haircut.

There is a deep part on either side of the temple, the hair is pulled to the opposite side of the face to hang right at the cheek line, and the rest of the hair is drawn into a neat bun at the nape of the neck. It is easy to execute and works well with both casual and more formal outfits.


Emily Osment’s Braided Crown

Braided crowns have at least two advantages: they are appropriate for almost any holiday event and they can be done in less than 10 minutes. Emily Osment, of “Hannah Montana” fame, does a loose, messy French braid to the side that is part playful and part sophistication.

You can then loosely braid your hair, starting at the crown, all the way around your head. The end of the braid is loosely piled on top of the head and kept intact with bobby pins.

A variation of this style keeps the braid at only half the way around and pulls the side back to meet the braid and make messy bun near the neck. If you have thinner hair, you should consider using a texturizing spray to make sure your hair does not fall into your face. The beauty of this style lies in how beautiful the chaos of strands can be. Disorder has an elegant order.


Jordin Spark’s Textured Ponytail

If you have thick or wavy hair, you may struggle with how to create some complexity with your curls. Former “American Idol” champion and pop singer Jordin Sparks achieves this complexity by accentuating her hair’s natural texture. She applies a styling cream, brushes her hair back, throws it in a ponytail, and lets the waves flow down her back. Remove the fuss over the details and keep your schoolgirl charm with this relaxed, timeless style.

The key is to make sure you place the ponytail in the right place for your face shape. Rounder faces need high ponytails. Square faces work better with soft, loose ponytails, piled for volume at the crown of the head and heart-shaped faces need ponytails that are below the crown to tone down full cheeks and a prominent, pointy chin. All ponytail styles work well with oval faces.


Dianna Agron’s Updo

What former musical comedy “Glee” star Dianna Agron achieves with hair makes women with thin tresses swoon. She pulls a few clever tricks to add impressive volume to her hair before sweeping it up. She uses a large round barrel hairbrush while she’s blow-drying her hair, giving more emphasized strokes to the hair around her face. She then makes a loose bun or French braid starting at the crown of her head by pulling back significant sections of her hair.

Hair not long enough for a full braid or bun? The effect you will create will still work perfectly for this hairstyle. The goal is to put your hair up while making soft wisps or curls around your face. This ultimately creates an air of poise and femininity.


Ariana Grande’s Flirty Curls

When you first glance at pop icon Ariana Grande’s signature style, you might believe her hair is completely curled. She has managed to combine several techniques into a style that keeps the focus on the curls close to the ends of her long hair. In reality, she blows her hair straight and adds some curls to the ends of her hair. The hair near the front of her head is pulled back into a high ponytail with a little hair left out to create bangs left on the right side of her face. Once the ponytail is secured, she pins back the bangs behind her ear to make them blend in with the ponytail. Onlookers give so much attention to the curls that there is little attention left for how intricate the top of the style is.

Curls are meant to give both a coquettish and glamorous look. In fact, many women choose big loose curls exclusively around holiday times because they look so enchanting. Loose curls add texture and depth to otherwise straight and uneventful hair. Streaks of highlights or pulling the curls to the side and over one shoulder keeps the crowd thinking that you are the life of the party.


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